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G48 Bachelor of Arts (Dance)


The Bachelor of Arts (Dance) program addresses the development of the dance leader.  The course has been designed to encourage students to pursue individual goals as dance artists, choreographers, teachers, or researchers. 


BA (Dance) is an intensive and challenging course with performance and classroom practice that are central to the philosophy of the program.  Degree study provides an insight into dance as an art form and a social and educative experience.  It develops skills in communication, critical thinking, research and analysis and demands that students be creatively productive in whatever area of interest they pursue. 


Provision is made for students with dance backgrounds other than ballet and contemporary, such as classical Indian dance, to audition and continue to study in their specialist dance style.


BA (Dance) is an accepted prerequisite for Honours, Masters and Doctoral programs in performance research as well as for the Graduate Diploma of Education which provides the necessary qualifications for those who aim to work within the State Education School system.


In addition to meeting University wide academic requirements for admission to a degree program a successful audition and interview for this award will be required.  Satisfactory medical reports are also required.


Bridging Requirements, Special Requirements and Provision for Advanced Standing:

Advanced standing will generally not be applicable.  However, four possible exceptional circumstances are:
 1. Enrolment by students who have completed TAFE diploma and associate diploma courses in dance.
2. Enrolment by students who have completed the Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts (Dance) course or equivalent.
3. Transfer of students from similar partly completed courses at other tertiary institutions in similar areas of study.
4. Recognition of Prior Learning.  This relates to non-institutionally based learning or practical experience.  Students with significant professional performance or teaching experience may apply for appropriate exemptions.
Each case would be considered on its merits and advanced standing awarded only after investigation of the units studied and their relevance to this course in content and standard.

This course is available on Mt Lawley Campus.
This course is available by Full-time mode.
This course is available in the following mode of delivery - On-campus.

The Bachelor of Arts (Dance) requires the successful completion of 360 credit points.



Students may select up to six elective units from a range of units offered by the Academy or by other faculties within Edith Cowan University.  If correctly chosen, these electives can be sequenced to form a Minor Study area.  Students are advised to select their elective study options in consultation with the course coordinator and other sections of this handbook which list details of the available minor study options.


Students may claim exemptions from Minor/Elective Study units according to their other tertiary qualifications.



During the three years of study, Practicum is an essential element of both the training and assessment of students in the dance program.  It is a professional practice unit and consists of choreography, rehearsal, and performance.

Full-Year Units
DAN1021 Ballet 1 20 
DAN1022 Performance 1 20 
DAN1025 Contemporary Dance and Allied Techniques 1 20 
DAN1032 Related Physical Disciplines 1 5 
DAN1034 Integrated Body Practices 1 10 
DAN1035 Dance History and Analysis 1 10 
DAN1036 Choreography 1 15
Semester 1
DAN1033 Allied Arts 1 10 
Semester 2
ADM1250 History of the Arts 10 
Full-Year Units
DAN2121 Ballet 2 20 
DAN2122 Performance 2 20 
DAN2125 Contemporary Dance and Allied Techniques 2 20 
DAN2132 Related Physical Disciplines 2 5 
DAN2133 Allied Arts 2 5 
DAN2134 Integrated Body Practices 2 10 
DAN2135 Dance History and Analysis 2 5 
DAN2136 Choreography 2 15
Semester 1
DAN2031 Dance Teaching Methods 5 
Semester 2
ADM2450 The Arts in Contemporary Society 10 
DAN3131 Dance Teaching Methods 2 5 
Students choose three of the following four units:
DAN3222 Performance 3 25 
DAN3225 Contemporary Dance and Allied Techniques 3 25 
DAN3236 Choreography 3 25 
DAN3221 Ballet 3 25 
Core Units (compulsory)
DAN3235 Dance History and Analysis 3 15
PAM2006 Arts Management 10 
Plus two units at 10 credit points each:
DAN3232 Related Physical Disciplines 3 10 
DAN3120 Secondment and Industry Placement 10 
DAN3233 Allied Arts 3 10 
DAN3237 Multi Media for Dance 10 
Disability Standards for Education (Commonwealth 2005)
For the purposes of considering a request for Reasonable Adjustments under the Disability Standards for Education (Commonwealth 2005), inherent requirements for this subject are articulated in the Unit Description, Learning Outcomes, Graduate Attributes and Assessment Requirements of this entry. The University is dedicated to provide support to those with special requirements. Further details on the support for students with disabilities or medical conditions can be found at the Student Equity, Diversity and Disability Service website:

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