Unit Set Structure


This unit set structure may be updated and amended immediately prior to semester. To ensure you have the correct outline, please check it again at the beginning of semester.

MAAAES  History Major  

This unit set is available in the following courses:

The past is everywhere including the present. History enables us to understand our world and put the present in context. We study empires past and present, the media, slavery, wars, revolutions, poverty, human rights, dictators and democracies, as well as Australian history in a globalising world. The study of history is a good basis for understanding politics, heritage, and social and indigenous issues. It teaches analytical skills and a deep understanding of society. History majors have become politicians, high ranking public servants, policy analysts, negotiators, and analysts for mining companies, teachers, expert advisors for historical films, and heritage consultants. The potential for careers is virtually limitless.

This unit set is available on Mt Lawley Campus.
This unit set is available in the following mode of delivery - On-campus.
The Major in History comprises 120 credit points (eight (8) units) selected from the units listed below, with no more than 30 credit points (two (2) units) at Level One.
HIS1000 20th Century Global History: An Australian Perspective 15
HIS1105 World History 15
Select at least 90 credit points (six (6) units) from the following list.
ARC3102 The Archaeology of Egypt and the Ancient World 15
HIS3100 Witches, Regicides and Heretics: 14th to 17th Century Europe 15
HIS3101 Human Rights: Struggles for Global Justice 15
HIS3103 Drugs, Alcohol and Empire 15
HIS3122 History through Film 15
HIS3125 Empires and Colonies 15
HIS3126 Conflict in Europe 1860-1990 15
HIS3127 Ancient Greece and Rome 15
HIS3131 Themes in Australian History 15
HIS3134 Revolutionary and Napoleonic Europe 15
HIS3135 Special Topics in History 15
HIS3143 Slavery and Liberty in the Atlantic World 15
PHR3119 The Enlightenment 15
POL3124 Hitler and Stalin: Studies in Power, Ideology and Propaganda 15
SAN3112 Body and Soul 15

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