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HIS3101 Human Rights: Struggles for Global Justice
Credit Points: 15

In this unit we explore the human rights principles, such as universality, indivisibility and the interdependence of human rights and the history and continuing development of human rights. How has the idea of human rights evolved through history in the West? What perspective have non-Western societies? Who are the persons and agencies responsible for promoting, protecting and respecting human rights? The tensions between the ideal of human rights and the reality of politics is pursued through study of international law like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and regional, national, state law that reinforces these international laws. Selective studies will focus on specific human rights violations such as torture, genocide, or violence against women and the social, economic, political, ethnic and gender forces which cause them. The human rights dimensions of civil, social, political, economic and cultural issues in Australia and other countries are pursued. We seek to develop critical understanding of life situations through case studies, for example, within China and Burma.

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