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MABUVI  Visual Arts Major  

This unit set is available in the following courses:

The 240 credit point Visual Arts major (formerly known as Visual Arts Immersion) is a practice-based Visual Arts program offering focused investigation across a range of two and three-dimensional studios including drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. Through critical theory and potential cross-experimentation with existing studios within the school such as: glass, design, fashion, writing, film and video, animation and photography, students are immersed within visual culture to develop hybrid and traditional approaches to their creative praxis. The degree is complemented by a rigorous conceptual focus to enable the student to develop their professional studio practice through a contemporary and historic lens. Students develop the confidence to exhibit publicly and to identify career opportunities in teaching, curating, independent studio practice, and with private and public arts agencies and institutions. The major culminates in a significant public exhibition, which further enhances the emphasis placed on professional practice.


NOTE: This is a 240 credit point immersive major comprising 16 units (2 years) of Visual Arts study.

Admission Requirements: Students will be required to attend a folio interview for the Visual Arts major.

This unit set is available on Mt Lawley Campus.
This unit set is available in the following mode of delivery - On-campus.
The Visual Arts major consists of 240 credit points (16 units).
VIS1303 Introduction to Drawing 15
VIS1305 Materials and Methods: Approaches to Studio 15
VIS1401 Contemporary Art: Exploring Body, Time and Place 15
VIS2315 Art History: Enduring Traces 15
VIS2519 Painting: Old Country, New Visions 15
VIS2520 Journaling and Drawing 15
VIS2525 Printmaking: Mapping Self and World 15
VIS2530 Field and Studio 15
VIS2545 Artists Books: Materiality of Word and Image 15
VIS3501 Praxis in a Globalised Visual Culture 15
VIS3503 Creativity and Reflexivity 15
VIS3531 Sculpture: Art and Environment 15
VIS3530 Painting Life and Death 15
VIS3535 Photographic Printmaking 15
VIS3550 Project Research and Development 15
VIS3560 Independent Project 15

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