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Creative Services Major  

The growth of the creative industries or creative economy means that more organisations will require the creative services of talented individuals or businesses in advertising, design, public relations, specialist writing, print publishing, desktop publishing, etc.  The major in Creative Services is for students who wish to diversify their creative skills and knowledge rather than to be a specialist in one creative communication discipline.

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Students may commence Level Two units of their Major in the first and second semesters of enrolment.
Students to select 60 credit points from:
ADV2102 Creative Strategy: Process and Execution 15
ADV2116 Foundations of Advertising 15
BRO2025 Broadcasting Skills 15
CMM2120 Integrated Marketing Communications 15
DES2101 Design Practices: Identity 15
DES2103 Desktop Publishing 15
DES2203 Design Practices: Publication 15
FAV2101 Introduction to Video Production 15
FAV2201 Video Production: Drama and Documentary 15
IMM2123 Interactive Multimedia Authoring 1 15
JOU2111 Introduction to Journalism 15
PHO2103 Studio Work 15
PHO2221 Advanced Digital Photomedia 15
PRN2124 Public Relations Event Management 15
PRN2110 Foundations of Public Relations 15
PRN2123 Public Relations Techniques 15
Students to select a further 60 credit points from:
ADV3111 The Business of Publishing 15
CMM3104 Professional Placement 1 15
CMM3108 Independent Study Unit 15
DES3206 Design Practices: Information and Advertising Design 15
FAV3231 Digital Video 2 15
PHO3201 Photojournalism and Editorial Practice 15
PHO3305 Studio Applications for Advertising 15
PRN3122 Corporate Communication 15
WRT3114 Writing and Editing 15
WRT3123 Production, Editing and Design 15
Note: It is recommended that students intending to study the Creative Services Major select four of the following foundation electives (60 credit points).
BRO1000 iTalk@ECU: Presentation Skills 15
CMM1107 Creative Thinking 15
FAV1101 Introduction to Digital Video 15
IMM1121 Digital Photomedia 15
IMM1122 Publishing on the World Wide Web 15
PHO1105 Photo Work * 15
* Students should select PHO1105 if they intend to complete PHO2103.

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