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Y70 Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Business

This double degree is designed to enable students to succeed in business in today’s rapidly changing society. It will broaden students’ understanding of themselves, their community and the larger world as well as provide them with a foundation in the disciplines which constitute business studies, together with the opportunity for indepth study of a functional specialisation. It is a challenging educational program leading to a degree which is internationally recognised in the global marketplace. The double degree provides students with lifelong transferable skills equipping them for employment in a wide range of business professions, and for further study in a variety of disciplines.


Standard University Admission requirements apply.


Contemporary Fashion and Textiles:  Students will be required to have a folio interview for the Contemporary Fashion and Textiles major.


French and Japanese:  Applicants for the language majors and minors will require WACE 3A/3B, or equivalent language skills in the relevant language.


Visual Arts:  Students will be required to have a folio interview for the Visual Arts major.

This course is available on Mt Lawley, and Joondalup Campuses.

Mount Lawley for the BA component and Joondalup for the BBusiness units
This course is available by Full-time, or Part-time mode.
This course is available in the following mode of delivery - On-campus.

The course will comprise 32 units (480 credit points) over a full-time enrolment of four years. 240 credit points will be studied in the Bachelor of Arts, and 240 credit points in the Bachelor of Business.


Within this course, students are required to complete the following units:


From the Bachelor of Arts:

  • Foundation program of 45 credit points (3 core units)
  • 120 credit points Arts Major (8 units)
  • 60 credit points Arts Minor (4 units) 
  • 15 credit points final semester core capstone unit


Please see below for detailed information on Bachelor of Business options. 



  • No more than 180 credit points (12 units) completed at level one.
  • A minimum of 60 credit points (4 units) completed at level three.
  • Students must complete the 4 Business Edge units and a minimum of 5 Business Core units.
  • Prerequisite units must be passed before enrolment in succeeding units.  In certain circumstances this requirement may be waived by the relevant Major Co-ordinator.
  • In general, all level one Business Core units must be completed before level two units are studied and level two units before level three units.
  • In general, the Business Edge units must be completed sequentially with BES3100 taken in the final semester or year of study.




All students are required to complete the core units (Business Edge and Business Core units) plus one of the two options indicated.


Students can choose between the following programs:


Option 1 - program with one Business major; or

Option 2 - program with two Business majors.






Option 1.  Bachelor of Business with one Business major


Additional Requirements

  • nil




Business Edge units     

4 units

Business Core units*  minimum of 4 units
A Business major program * (which includes one additional Business Core unit)   8 units
A Supplementary program**   8 units


* A Business major program consists of 120 credit points (8 units) of study and includes one additional Business Core unit. All units listed in the major must be completed to satisfy the requirements of that major.


** A Supplementary program consists of 120 credit points (8 units) of study and comprises of:

  • a minor program from inside and/or outside the Faculty plus electives; or
  • two minors from the Faculty of Business and Law; or
  • a major program from outside the Faculty; or
  • an elective program.



Option 2. Bachelor of Business with two Business majors.



Additional Requirements

  • nil



Business Edge units    4 units
Business Core units  minimum of 4 units
A Business major program* (which includes one additional Business Core unit)   8 units
A second Business major program   8 units


* A business major program consists of 120 credit points (8 units) of study and includes one additional Business Core unit. All units listed in the major must be completed to satisfy the requirements of that major.

Arts Foundation program (45 credit points)
CCA1108 Communications and Digital Technology 15
HMN1101 Home and Away: Introducing the Humanities 15
HMN1102 What is Knowledge? 15
In addition, students must complete the following core capstone unit in their final semester of study:
CCA3111 Preparation for Professional Life 15
Business Edge Studies
BES1100 Foundations of Business Knowledge 15
BES1200 Business Knowledge Development 15
BES2100 Foundations of Business Leadership 15
BES3100 Business Career Development 15
FBL3501 Business Practicum ** 15
Core Bachelor of Business Units *
Select 75 credit points from the following:
ACC1100 Accounting I 15
ECF1110 Economics I 15
ECF1120 Finance I 15
ECF1151 Quantitative and Statistical Techniques for Business 15
LAW1100 Legal Framework I 15
MAN1100 Management I 15
MAN1600 Information Systems for Business 15
MKT1600 Marketing Principles&Practices 15
*Note 1: As each Bachelor of Business major contains one business core unit within its structure students must ensure their choice of Business core units includes the unit required by that major. Failure to do so may mean that students are required to take additional units to satisfy the requirements of the major.
** This unit is by application only. Students are required to submit a current resume, a statement addressing their suitability and attend an interview.

Bachelor of Arts Majors

MABUTVContemporary Fashion and Textiles Major
MABUTZEnglish Major
MAAAEMFrench Major
MAAAEKFrench Major
MABUSUHistory Major
MAAADCJapanese Major
MAAADDJapanese Major
MABUSTPolitics and International Relations Major
MABUUAVisual Arts Major
MAAAEVWriting Major

Bachelor of Arts Minors

MIAAHKChildren's Literature Minor
MIAAGKChinese Minor
MIAAHCContemporary Fashion and Textiles Minor
MIAAHREditing and Publishing Minor
MIAAHFEnglish Minor
MIAAHAEnvironmental Studies Minor
MIAAHGFrench (Introductory) Minor
MIAAHHFrench (Post ATAR) Minor
MIAAHNHistory Minor
MIAAHMIndigenous Studies Minor
MIAAHIJapanese (Introductory) Minor
MIAAHJJapanese (Post ATAR) Minor
MIAAHLMuseum Studies Minor
MIAAHOPolitics and International Relations Minor
MIAAHQProfessional Writing Minor
MIAAHEVisual Arts Minor
MIAAHPWriting Minor

Bachelor of Business Majors

MAAAAHAccounting Major
MAAAAJEconomics Major
MAAAHDEvent Management Major
MAAAAIFinance Major
MAAAHFHospitality Management Major
MAAAAOHuman Resource Management Major
MAAAAQInternational Business Major
MAAAANManagement Major
MAAACXMarketing Major
MAAADIManagement of Information Technology Major
MAAAHMPlanning Major
MAAAHETourism Management Major
Disability Standards for Education (Commonwealth 2005)
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