Unit Set Structure


This unit set structure may be updated and amended immediately prior to semester. To ensure you have the correct outline, please check it again at the beginning of semester.

MAAAHY  Museum Studies Major  

This unit set is available in the following courses:

This major builds student capacity to understand and evaluate museum theory and practice, and to critically engage with the issues facing those working in museums and galleries as well as in heritage and collection institutions. The practical component, taught by practicing museum professionals, builds student skills in collection care, management, public programs and the display of heritage items in contemporary museums. 
This unit set is available on Mt Lawley Campus.
This unit set is available in the following mode of delivery - On-campus.
Students may select no more than 30 credit points (2 units) at the first year level.
Select 75 credit points (5 compulsory units):
MSM2111 Museum History, Principles and Practices 15
MSM2115 Materials Conservation in Museums 15
MSM3121 Museums and their Audiences 15
MSM3125 Contemporary Museum Practices 15
IAS3104 Indigenous Peoples and the West 15
Plus 45 credit points (3 units) from the following:
CCA1101 Contexts of Modernity 15
HIS1105 World History 15
ACS1122 Regional Studies: Nyoongar 15
HIS1106 Themes in Australian History 15
ACS2122 Aboriginal Perspectives on the Environment 15
CCA3100 Visual Culture and Subversive Ideas 15
CMM2115 Cultural Matrix 15
VIS3501 Praxis in a Globalised Visual Culture 15
ENG3042 Theory, Taste and Trash 15
WRT3124 Writing Applications, Tenders and Proposals 15

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