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K26 Bachelor of Arts (Education) Bachelor of Arts (Creative Arts)

This degree is designed for students wishing to become secondary Music teachers, who will also have the opportunity to select a minor area of study from  a broad range of other study areas including Visual Arts, Drama and Performance, English, Home Economics, Social Sciences, Design and Technology, Information Technology, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education, or  Science.  The course is undertaken in conjunction with WAAPA and is designed to equip students with the skills to teach both classroom and instrumental music.  Students engage in studies across a wide variety of musical genres, with an emphasis upon developing effective skills for teaching in all genres and styles, as well as effective ensemble direction.  There is an extensive professional placement beginning in the second year and concluding with a 10 week Assistant Teacher Program in the fourth and final year to ensure the course closely links all aspects of theory with professional practice in a range of school settings. Graduates will be eligible to seek employment in govenment and private secondary schools.


Students should seek advice from the School of Education regarding appropriate Minor unit sets to accompany each major.  Please contact or 6304 4000.



Standard University admission requirements apply - see below for additional special admission requirements.


Prospective students must apply to the WAAPA Admissions Officer to arrange for auditions and interviews which are normally held in November – December. Applicants are assessed on:

  • Successful completion of a practical test on the applicant’s chosen instrument.
  • Interview.
  • Standard university admission requirements.

A suggested level of performance is AMEB Grade V or equivalent.


All students 18 years of age and over will be required to submit a DET National Criminal History Check Information Clearance (CRC) before commencing their first period of Professional Practice. These clearances are valid for three years while enrolled in the course. Application forms and further information can be found at:
All students 18 years of age and over will also be required to apply for a Working with Children Check in order to comply with section 6 of the Working with Children Act 2004, in order to complete their Professional Practice. Further information can be found at:

This course is available on Mt Lawley Campus.

Mt Lawley: Bachelor of Arts (Education)/ Bachelor of Arts (Creative Arts); (Music) Minor teaching area (years 7-10) is only available on designated campuses. Minor teaching areas may be selected on either campus of the university; however students must be aware of travelling time.
This course is available by Full-time, or Part-time mode.
This course is available in the following mode of delivery - On-campus.

Students are required to have a total of 480 credit points to complete the course.


Within this course, students are required to complete the following units:


Major General Studies units - These are content studies units offered outside the School of Education and must be selected by the students.

Minor General Studies units - These are content studies units offered outside the School of Education and must be selected by the students.

Curriculum Minor Studies units - These are curriculum studies units offered within the School of Education in a relevant area of study.


A list of these units is available on enrolment.

Year One - Semester One
EDU1010 Becoming a Teacher 15
MUS1106 Music Techniques 1 15
Choose 15 credit points from:
MUS1110 Music History&Culture: Jazz Overview 15
MUS1111 Music History&Culture: Classical Overview 15
Choose 15 credit points from:
MUS1116 Principal Studies: Classical Performance 1 15
MUS1118 Principal Studies: Jazz Performance 1 15
Year One - Semester Two
MUS1113 Music History&Culture: 20th Century Music 15
MUS1207 Music Techniques 2 15
Minor General Studies (15 credit points)
Choose 15 credit points from:
MUS1217 Principal Studies: Classical Performance 2 15
MUS1219 Principal Studies: Jazz Performance 2 15
Year Two - Semester One
EDU2110 Teaching, Learning and Assessment 15
MUE2120 Teaching Music in Secondary School 15
Choose 15 credit points from:
MUS2206 Music Techniques: Jazz 1 15
MUS2207 Music Techniques: Classical 1 15
Choose 15 credit points from:
MUS2216 Principal Studies: Classical Performance 3 15
MUS2218 Principal Studies: Jazz Performance 3 15
Year Two - Semester Two
EDU2230 Classroom Management and Instruction 15
MUE2121 Directing Music Ensembles in Secondary School 15
PPA2210 First Professional Practice 15
Choose 15 credit points from:
MUS2217 Principal Studies: Classical Performance 4 15
MUS2219 Principal Studies: Jazz Performance 4 15
Year Three - Semester One
MUE3120 Contemporary Music Teaching Practices 15
Curriculum Minor Studies (15 credit points)
Minor General Studies (15 credit points)
Minor General Studies (15 credit points)
Year Three - Semester Two
EDF3101 Working with Indigenous Australian Children, Youth and their Families 15
EDU2104 Diversity in the Secondary Classroom 15
PPA3210 Second Professional Practice 30 
Year Four - Semester One
EDU4110 Literacies in Teaching and Learning 15
PPA4210 Assistant Teacher Program (ATP) 45 
Year Four - Semester Two
MUS1105 Ensembles&Extension Studies 2 15
Curriculum Minor Studies (15 credit points)
Minor General Studies (15 credit points)
Choose 15 credit points from:
MUS2208 Music Techniques: Jazz 2 15
MUS2209 Music Techniques: Classical 2 15
MAAABSMusic Major
MIAABZArt Education Minor
MIAACZComputer Education Minor
MIAADEDance Education Minor
MIAAFGDesign and Technology Education Minor
MIAACBDrama Education Minor
MIAACCEnglish Education Minor
MIAADFHealth Education Minor
MIAADGHome Economics Minor
MIAADAInstrumental Music Education Minor
MIAACEMathematics Education Minor
MIAADHPhysical Education Minor
MIAACFScience Education Minor
MIAACGSocial Science Education Minor
Disability Standards for Education (Commonwealth 2005)
For the purposes of considering a request for Reasonable Adjustments under the Disability Standards for Education (Commonwealth 2005), inherent requirements for this subject are articulated in the Unit Description, Learning Outcomes, Graduate Attributes and Assessment Requirements of this entry. The University is dedicated to provide support to those with special requirements. Further details on the support for students with disabilities or medical conditions can be found at the Student Equity, Diversity and Disability Service website:

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