Unit Set Structure


This unit set structure may be updated and amended immediately prior to semester. To ensure you have the correct outline, please check it again at the beginning of semester.

MAAAEN  Journalism Major  

This unit set is available in the following courses:

The Journalism major prepares students for a future likely to be dominated by media, communications and information technology. While the basic principles of newsgathering, research and newswriting remain the same, the media themselves are changing rapidly.  Tomorrow's journalists will need to be able to work across a broad range of traditional and more recent on-line and digital alternatives.  Students will study media law and international ethics as part of their course and also be able to specialise in areas such as health, sports, on-line journalism and broadcast journalism.

This unit set is available on Mt Lawley Campus.
This unit set is available in the following mode of delivery - On-campus.
CMM2103 Media Law and Ethics 15
JOU2104 Radio Journalism 15
JOU2111 Introduction to Journalism 15
JOU3101 Journalism Project 15
JOU3201 Print Journalism 2 15
Select 45 credit points from the following:
BRO2026 Finding Context in Reportage 15
CMM3104 Professional Placement 1 * 15
CMM3113 Health Journalism 15
JOU2106 Sports Journalism 15
JOU3105 Specialist Writing 15
JOU3204 Television Journalism 15
POL3127 Australian Government 15
* This unit can only be taken in consultation with the course coordinator
Note: It is recommended that students intending to study the Journalism major select electives in the foundation year (Year One) from the following:
BRO1020 Broadcasting and the New Media Landscape 15
CMM1104 Writing for the Media 15
CSV1105 Interpersonal Skills 15
ENG1110 The Power of Practical Writing 15
FAV1101 Introduction to Digital Video 15
IMM1122 Publishing on the World Wide Web 15

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