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M29 Bachelor of Hospitality&Tourism Management

The Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management prepares competent graduates for careers in the hospitality, travel and tourism industries. It has been designed to give students a solid foundation to both disciplines in order to prepare them for leadership in these areas.  Increasingly, employers prefer university graduates with analytical as well as practical skills for management positions.


The degree comprises of a foundation of core business units, as well as specialist streams in both hospitality and tourism. In addition it has two ‘industry smart’ units which equip students with both industry knowledge and industry practice. Students completing the course should have acquired the necessary knowledge and generic skills to launch themselves into an exciting career in hospitality and/or tourism, one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy.


Admission to the Bachelor of Hospitality & Tourism Management degree at Joondalup is competitive.  Meeting minimum admission requirements does not guarantee enrolment.


1.1 Special Admission Requirement

Applicants are expected to have studied mathematics at year 12 or equivalent.  Students without sufficient background in mathematics may be invited to complete Business Mathematics.

This unit does not contribute to course credits.


1.2 Advanced Standing

Students who have completed equivalent units at another institution may apply for exemptions from those units.  The Policy on Exemptions is contained in the Edith Cowan University (Admission, Enrolment and Academic Progress) Rules.  The procedure for applying for exemptions in the Faculty is available on request.

This course is available on Joondalup Campus.
This course is available by Full-time, or Part-time mode.
This course is available in the following modes of delivery - On-campus, and Online.

It is also available in the flexible delivery mode but students wanting to do the whole course via flexible delivery must check on the availability of the supporting major for flexible delivery.
The course comprises 360 credit points of study. This comprises:
Foundation Program 120 credit points
Second Year 120 credit points
Third Year 120 credit points
Foundation Program - 120 credit points
ACC1100 Accounting I 15
HOS1110 Introduction to Commercial Food Service Management I 15
HOS1111 Hospitality Service I 15
MAN1100 Management I 15
MIS1100 Information Systems I 15
MKT1100 Marketing I 15
MKT1101 Professional Communication I 15
TSM1101 Introduction to Tourism I 15
Year 2
HOS2110 Food and Beverage Management II 15
HOS2211 Hotel and Restaurant Information Systems II 15
HOS2220 Rooms-Division Management II 15
HOS2300 Professional Hospitality Experience II 15
TSM2105 Tourism Planning and Development II 15
TSM2107 Tourism Research and Analysis II 15
TSM3109 Special Interest Tourism III 15
TSM3202 Special Events Management III 15
Year 3
HOS3210 Hospitality Marketing III 15
HOS3211 Management of Hospitality Finance III 15
HOS3320 Hospitality Facilities Management III 15
HOS3520 Hospitality Management III 15
TSM3105 Contemporary Issues in Tourism and Hospitality III 15
TSM3107 Ecotourism III 15
TSM3203 Tourism Technology III 15
TSM3413 Tourism Business Development III 15

The unit HOS2300 Professional Hospitality Experience II is similar to TSM2211 Professional Industry Experience II. However, it is necesaary to keep them as separate entities as they are still required for the individual degrees in Hospitality and Tourism.
Disability Standards for Education (Commonwealth 2005)
For the purposes of considering a request for Reasonable Adjustments under the Disability Standards for Education (Commonwealth 2005), inherent requirements for this subject are articulated in the Unit Description, Learning Outcomes, Graduate Attributes and Assessment Requirements of this entry. The University is dedicated to provide support to those with special requirements. Further details on the support for students with disabilities or medical conditions can be found at the Student Equity, Diversity and Disability Service website:

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