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CSI1241 Systems Analysis
Credit Points: 15
Understanding of the components of systems analysis: definition of a system, the role of management, interfacing with the user; the life cycle of a management information system from the feasibility study through to the post-implementation audit; studying the present system including sources of information, fact gathering, interviewing, documenting the existing system; analysis techniques involving data from diagrams, data dictionaries, decision tables, report design.

This Unit is part of the following Courses / Unit Sets
M73Associate Degree of Science (Library Technology)
U65Bachelor of Computer Science
E50Bachelor of Engineering (Communication Systems)/Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
E52Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems)/Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
E51Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic Systems)/Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
U67Bachelor of Information Technology
B40Bachelor of Science (Communication and Information Technology)
B38Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
E63Bachelor of Science (Digital Media)
V31Bachelor of Science (Internet Computing)
E65Bachelor of Science (Library Technology)
B39Bachelor of Science (Software Engineering)
B52Bachelor of Science(Communication&Information Technology)/Bachelor of Science(Library Technology)
SMCOMCommunication and Information Technology 10 Unit Supporting Major
SMCCITCommunication and Information Technology 8 Unit Supporting Major
STCITCommunication and Information Technology Major
MACITCommunication and Information Technology Major
SMCOMPComputer Science 10 Unit Supporting Major
STCOMPComputer Science Major
MACOMPComputer Science Major
MICITInformation Technology Minor
SMINTEInformation Technology 8 Unit Supporting Major
MIINTEInformation Technology Minor
SMNETCInternet Computing 10 Unit Supporting Major
SMCNETInternet Computing 8 Unit Supporting Major
MINETCInternet Computing Minor
STNETCInternet Computing Major
MANETCInternet Computing Major
SMSOFTSoftware Engineering 10 Unit Supporting Major
SMCSOFSoftware Engineering 8 Unit Supporting Major
MISOFTSoftware Engineering Minor
STSOFTSoftware Engineering Major
MASOFTSoftware Engineering Major
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