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SCH1134 Human Structure and Function
Credit Points: 15
This unit is a broadly based, general introduction to fundamental concepts in Human Anatomy and Physiology. It examines (i) cell biology with an emphasis on macromolecules, cytoanatomy, cell bioenergetics and major tissue types, (ii) homeostasis in relation to its ubiquity and steady state system models and (iii) regulatory physiological mechanisms from the perspective of their evolution, complexity and functioning in humans.

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This Unit is part of the following Courses / Unit Sets
K09Bachelor of Forensic Investigation
C32Bachelor of Medical Science
K05Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science)
E69Bachelor of Science (Human Biology)
K89Bachelor of Science (Paramedical Science)
Y02Bachelor of Speech Pathology
MABUTUBiological Science Education Major
SMCBIMBiomedical Science 8 Unit Supporting Major
MIBIOMBiomedical Science Minor
MAAADNBiomedical Science Major
MABUUDBiomedical Science Major
SMCHUMHuman Biology 8 Unit Supporting Major
MIHBIOHuman Biology Minor
MAHBIOHuman Biology Major
MAAADOHuman Genetics Major
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