Unit Set Structure


This unit set structure may be updated and amended immediately prior to semester. To ensure you have the correct outline, please check it again at the beginning of semester.

MABUTM  English Education Major  

This unit set is available in the following courses:

The English Education major prepares students for a dynamic and rewarding career teaching English and Literature in secondary schools. The program combines extensive study in the content of English (including literature, language, writing, and mass media) with studies in educational theory and teaching practice. 

Students receive specialised instruction from expert teachers who are also researchers and authors in their fields.


The English Education major is distinctive and innovative in its approach to English teaching. It emphasises the importance of content knowledge in English and covers a wide range of text areas, from traditional literature to computer games.


This unit set is available on Mt Lawley Campus.
This unit set is available in the following mode of delivery - On-campus.
Students must complete 10 Major Content Study units and 2 Curriculum Major units.

Major Content Study Units
Students must complete the following 3 units (45 credit points):
ENG1140 Discovering Literature 15
ENG1050 Literature and Social Change 15
CUR2210 Curriculum Extension and Enrichment 15
Plus students must complete 7 units (105 credit points) from the following:
ENG1060 English Grammar for Professionals 15
ENG1233 Myths and Legends from Around the World 15
ENG1244 Arthurian Myths and Legends 15
ENG2470 Children, Youth and Global Media 15
ENG3042 Theory, Taste and Trash 15
ENG3050 Poetry and Passion 15
ENG3140 From Fiction to Film 15
ENG3160 Graphic Novels 15
ENG3165 Australian Fiction 15
ENG3170 Diverse Voices in Literature 15
ENG3175 Jane Austen: Past and Present 15
ENG3180 Comedy and Tragedy in Drama 15
ENG3214 Freedom to Play and Victorian Children 15
ENG3464 Fantasy Literature for Children 15
ENG3472 Children and Poetry 15
WRT3120 Biographical and Autobiographical Writing 15
Curriculum Major Units
LAN2250 Introduction to Secondary English Teaching 15
LAN2251 Planning and Teaching English 7-12 15
NOTE: Students should strictly adhere to the Course Plan for English Education to ensure that they complete their units in the correct semester of study.

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