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MSE3101 Teaching Lower Secondary Mathematics
Credit Points: 15

This unit provides an introduction to the teaching and learning of lower secondary school mathematics. The fundamentals of learning theory will be practically applied to the specific teaching of mathematics. Activities for promoting classroom participation will be introduced, and students will have opportunity to plan a variety of mathematics lessons, assessments and activities consistent both with the WA Curriculum Framework (CF) outcome statements and with thescope andsequence ofthe incoming Australian Curriculum (AC). Pedagogy will encourage the development of an appreciation of mathematics as a useful and creatively interesting area of study by regularly incorporating mathematical investigation in the classroom, and by focusing on developing mathematical literacy. Useful teaching resources and tools will be demonstrated and their classroom applications explored. The mathematical content covered will include the CF clusters Appreciating Mathematics, Working Mathematically, Number, Measurement, Chance and Data, Space, and Pre-Algebra/Algebra, and these will in turn be aligned with the new AC strands Number and Algebra, Probability and Statistics, and Measurement and Geometry.  Years 7 to 10 will be the focus, but some reference will also be made to important mathematical concepts established inthe preceding primary years.

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MIAAGWMathematics Education Minor
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