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ECF2380 Business Economics II
Credit Points: 15
ECF1110 Economics I ; and
ECF1151 Quantitative and Statistical Techniques for Business ; or
BES1200 Business Knowledge Development
This unit aims to provide the student with an understanding of quantitative techniques of microeconomics and their application to the decision-making of individuals and businesses. Students will learn to relate economic concepts in social and environmental sustainability. Economics is a study of resource allocation given scarcity. In this unit, the students will learn how governments use tax policies to sustain sound economic system and prevent environmental degradation. Furthermore, the unit will discuss on issues that most companies face such as how to sustain business competitiveness. The unit contains authentic assessments where students are required to use economic concepts and study a real case study. They need to apply economic concepts and statistic knowledge to examine the case and write a business report. This unit has three primary objectives: Objective 1: To considerably extend your microeconomic knowledge and skills found in Economics I (ECF 1110 or equivalent). Objective 2: To introduce you into the areas of managerial economics in which it gives students a head start in their business career. Objective 3: To provide students with microeconomics knowledge to move to advanced economics units Business and Corporate Strategy III; International Economics and Finance III; Economics of Consulting, and to apply the knowledge in 3rd year workplace integrating learning. Objective 4: To provide analytical and numerical skills so that students can apply them in your real-life work experience as an economist and/or a business consultant.

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MAAAAJEconomics Major
MIAAADEconomics Minor
MAAAAIFinance Major
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