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G68 Bachelor of Technology (Motorsports)

This course develops core problem solving abilities and the technical, financial and management skills associated with manufacturing industries in general, and the motorsports industry in particular. Students gain a solid understanding of the design, simulation and fabrication processes, and the management issues associated with production of the complex automotive systems and the components that underpin the motorsport industry. The course provides a stimulating and supportive learning environment with an enthusiastic and articulate approach which reflects the culture of motorsports.  Students have the opportunity to further develop competencies through the provision of extra-curricular activities, to help progression into the motorsports industry. They also have broader employment opportunities in product design and development, manufacturing, marketing and project management.



Overseas students may be admitted to this course subject to satisfying English proficiency entry requirements, in addition to meeting academic admission requirements.



During the course, students will be required to undertake a minimum of 8 weeks practical work experience located in an engineering technology industry environment. This will normally be undertaken during a vacation period, even though it is listed as a unit for Year 3 (ENS3173).


Standard University admission requirements apply. 


Note: Students who have not passed either:
- WACE Mathematics 3A/3B, or equivalent; or
- WACE Physics 3A/3B, or equivalent
will be required to complete bridging units during the first year of their studies.

This course is available on Joondalup Campus.
This course is available by Full-time, or Part-time mode.
This course is available in the following mode of delivery - On-campus.

Completion of this course requires a total of 360 credit points comprised of 22 core units, 2 electives and one 0 credit point practicum unit as indicated below.


Semester 1
ENM1101 Race Car Anatomy 15
ENS1154 Introduction to Engineering 15
SCP1111 Physics of Motion * 15
MAT1137 Introductory Applied Mathematics ** 15
Semester 2
ENM1102 Engineering Drawing and Computer Aided Design 15
ENS1115 Materials and Manufacturing 1 15
ENS1162 Electrical Engineering 1A 15
MAT1236 Calculus 1 15
* Students who have not passed WACE Physics 3A/3B (or equivalent) must complete the bridging unit SCP1132 Introduction to Physics before they can enrol in SCP1111 Physics of Motion.
** Students who have not passed WACE Mathematics 3A/3B (or equivalent) must complete the bridging unit MAT1108 Foundations of Mathematics before they can enrol in MAT1137 Introductory Applied Mathematics.
** Students who have passed WACE Mathematics: Specialist 3C/3D (or equivalent) should enrol in MAT1236 Calculus 1 instead of MAT1137 Introductory Applied Mathematics in Semester 1, and enrol in MAT1163 Linear Algebra in Semester 2 in place of MAT1236.
Semester 1
ENM2104 Instrumentation and Measurement 15
ENS2108 Mechanical Science 15
ENS2214 Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing 15
ENM2209 Race Car Systems 15
Semester 2
ENS2110 Materials and Manufacturing 2 15
ENS2106 Motorsports Design and Development 15
ENM2210 Engineering Mechanics 15
Elective 1
Semester 1
ENS3173 Technology Practicum 0 
ENM3211 Motorsports Project 1 15
ENS3260 Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Systems 15
ENS2159 Engineering Innovation and Ethics 15
Elective 2
Semester 2
ENM3212 Motorsports Project 2 30 
ENS4543 Engineering Management 15
SPM2122 Sport Marketing 15
ENS2170 Principles of Industrial Maintenance 15
ENS2257 Microprocessor Systems 15
MAT1163 Linear Algebra 15
MAT2437 Differential Equations 15
ENS3180 Finite Element Methods 15
ENS3243 Structural Analysis 15
ENM3218 Fluid Mechanics 15
ENS3170 Vibrations and Condition Monitoring 15
Note: Electives chosen from outside this list must be approved by the Course Coordinator.
Disability Standards for Education (Commonwealth 2005)
For the purposes of considering a request for Reasonable Adjustments under the Disability Standards for Education (Commonwealth 2005), inherent requirements for this subject are articulated in the Unit Description, Learning Outcomes, Graduate Attributes and Assessment Requirements of this entry. The University is dedicated to provide support to those with special requirements. Further details on the support for students with disabilities or medical conditions can be found at the Student Equity, Diversity and Disability Service website:

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