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V96 Bachelor of Arts (Performing Arts)

The Bachelor of Arts (Performing Arts) is a flexible 180 credit point conversion programme for students who have completed a vocational education and training or associate degree programme in the performing arts (Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts from WAAPA or equivalent Associate Diploma from other institutions) and who have achieved distinction within their principal skills' training practice. In practical terms, the course aims to provide a pathway for students who wish to pursue further studies in the creative arts or to access the profession from another perspective, usually as alternatives to mainstream practices. While providing a comprehensive background to creative arts' professions, the course encourages self-initiative within collaborative environments and situates creative arts experiences within social, political and cultural dimensions. The course develops graduates with skills in communication, imaginative and critical thinking, problem solving, research and analysis and the initiative for greater flexibility to pursue careers in contemporary multi-arts environments.


Through the projects that students will develop, produce and market as part of the course, it is expected that an appropriate understanding and awareness of artistic processes as research will be achieved. The core objective is to provide the arts industry with graduates who possess a high level of creativity balanced with administrative skills, a broad knowledge of the contemporary arts environment and inquiring minds that will enable them to function as self-motivated artists with intelligence, effectiveness and initiative.

This course is available on Mt Lawley Campus.
This course is available by Full-time mode.
This course is available in the following mode of delivery - On-campus.
PAD3101 Principal Practice 15
PAD3103 Theory and Practice of Contemporary Performance 15
Elective Study 1 *
Elective Study 2 *
PAD3115 Arts Project Research, Establishment and Evaluation 15
PAD3116 Arts Project 15
PAD3102 Event Management 15
Elective Study 3 *
PAD3107 New Technologies and Creative Practices 15
PAD3205 Arts Project Research, Establishment and Evaluation 2 15
PAD3206 Arts Project 2 15
PAD3104 Group Processes 15
ADM1250 History of the Arts 10 
ADM2450 The Arts in Contemporary Society 10 
PAM2006 Arts Management 10 
IMM1120 Introduction to Digital Technologies and Multimedia 15
MST2151 Media and Identity 15
VIS2191 Graphic Design 1 15
VIS2393 Graphic Design 3 15
Or any third year unit not previously undertaken from the student's principal disciplinary area
* Students must achieve a total of 45 credit points overall for all their electives. This can be made up of 3 x 15CP electives or 3 x 10CP and 1 x 15CP electives.
Disability Standards for Education (Commonwealth 2005)
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