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G18 Bachelor of Arts (Education)/Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Arts (Education)/ Bachelor of Science prepares graduates to teach in their chosen field of study in secondary schools. Graduates have the added advantage of being employable within two subject areas. Graduates can become professional secondary school teachers, or explore employment in professions such as research assistants, consultants in environmental businesses and laboratory technicians.  Graduates are qualified to work in State or Independent schools systems.    


This double degree provides a realistic and relevant balance between professional education studies and content studies for prospective mathematics and science teachers. 


Graduates from the program will have a qualification in both education and their science or mathematics discipline. The double degree also provides the option of higher degree studies in either Education or Science.


Students wishing to become a specialist mathematics teacher will enrol in the mathematics stream of the double degree.  Those wishing to become a specialist science teacher will enrol in either the physical science specialisation (Physics or Chemistry) or the biological science specialisation.


Students enrolled in the physical science specialisation are required to complete a minor in mathematics education.  Biological Science and Mathematics students may select from a range of minors.


Standard University admission requirements apply. 


For Mathematics :

Satisfactory result in calculus or applicable mathematics.


For Science (Physical Science) :

Satisfactory results in either calculus or applicable mathematics chemistry and physics or equivalent.


For Science (Biological Science) :

Satisfactory results in a TEE science subject.


All students must clear a CrimTrac prior to entering schools and agree to adhere t othe School's Rules and Regulations in relation to professional practice.

In addition students will be required to meet requirements of the 'Working with Children (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004'.

This course is available on Mt Lawley, and Joondalup Campuses.

The mathematics and science units are mainly offered on Joondalup campus.
This course is available by Full-time, or Part-time mode.
This course is available in the following mode of delivery - On-campus.

Within the double degree the units will be shared between education and science or mathematics studies. Students are required to have a total of 480 credit points to complete the course.


Education units

8 - Education Studies Secondary

4 - Major Curriculum

2 - Minor Curriculum

1 - Assistant Teacher Program

1 - School of Education Elective

4 - Professional Practice


Science/Mathematics units

12 - Major units

4 - Minor units

Please refer to Professional Practice Information, Procedures and Rules (Early Childhood, Kindergarten through Primary, Primary, Secondary and Special Education) on the School of Education website for information on this program.

Semester 1
EDS1101 Issues, Challenges and Directions in Education 15
Appropriate major unit(s)
Appropriate minor unit(s)
Semester 2
EDS1201 Learning, Curriculum and Information Technology (ICT) in Schools 15
Appropriate major unit(s)
Appropriate minor unit(s)
Semester 1
EDS2101 Principles and Practices of Teaching 15
Appropriate major unit(s)
Appropriate minor unit(s)
Major curriculum unit
Semester 2
EDS2102 Classroom Management and Motivation 15
Major General Studies
Major General Studies
Major Curriculum Studies
Semester 1
Major General Studies
Major General Studies
Minor Curriculum Studies
Minor General Studies
PPA3370 Third Professional Practice 6 
Semester 2
EDS3103 Diversity and Inclusivity in Secondary Education 15
EDS4171 Literacy and Learning 12 
MSE3152 Learning and Teaching Mathematics 3 10 
PPA3477 Fourth Professional Practice 10 
Minor Curriculum Studies
Semester 1
EDS4130 Middle Years Education 10 
EDS4131 Post-Compulsory Education as a Foundation for Lifelong Learning 10 
PPA4572 Assistant Teacher Program (ATP) 30 
Major Curriculum Studies
Semester 2
Major General Studies
Major General Studies
Minor General Studies
Major Curriculum Studies
MAAABOBiological Sciences Major
MAAABNMathematics Education Major
MAAABPPhysical Sciences Major
MIAABFComputer Education Minor
MIAABIHealth Education Minor
MIAABJMathematics Education Minor
MIAABMPhysical Education Minor
MIAABKSocial Science Education Minor
Disability Standards for Education (Commonwealth 2005)
For the purposes of considering a request for Reasonable Adjustments under the Disability Standards for Education (Commonwealth 2005), inherent requirements for this subject are articulated in the Unit Description, Learning Outcomes, Graduate Attributes and Assessment Requirements of this entry. The University is dedicated to provide support to those with special requirements. Further details on the support for students with disabilities or medical conditions can be found at the Student Equity, Diversity and Disability Service website:

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