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B88 Bachelor of Education (Kindergarten through Primary)

The Bachelor of Education (Kindergarten through Primary) qualifies students to teach kindergarten, preprimary, junior, middle and upper primary levels.


The award is granted after the successful completion of four years of full-time study and aims to develop professional knowledge, skills, dispositions and generic attributes.


The degree includes compulsory units studied by all students, foundation units taught outside the School of Education and the opportunity for students to focus on a choice of curriculum areas within customised units in the fourth year.  In the third and fourth years, students may develop a focus that prepares them to teach in different kinds of settings, including public or private schools, city or remote schools, schools that draw children from differing social and ethnic circumstances.



The course will normally require four years full-time study.



The Bachelor of Education (Kindergarten through Primary) is available by full-time study at Joondalup campus.  Prospective students should note that one full day attendance per week at the field placement is required in the first year.  It is a requirement that during professional practice periods students attend their practical placement for normal centre/school operating hours.




Students are required to have a total of 480 credit points to complete the course.


Students are required to complete 33 units including two Assistant Teaching Experiences thus making it the equivalent of the current Bachelor of Education (Primary) Programme.


Art Education                                                            1

Assistant Teaching Experience                                   2

Drama Education                                                      1

Learning, Development and Teaching                         4

Foundation Studies                                                    4

Health and Physical Education                                    1

Language Education                                                   2

Mathematics Education                                              2

Music Education                                                        1

Information Communication Technology                     1

Practicum Experience                                                 1

Professional Practice                                                  3

Research and Reflection in Curriculum                        4

Science Education                                                      1

Society and Environment Education                            1

Technology and Enterprise                                         1

Teaching Indigenous and Multicultural Students           1

Teaching English as an Additional Language                1

Teaching Children with Special Needs                        1


Semester 1
EDL1100 Becoming a Teacher 12 
EDL1101 Learning and Development 1 12 
SAN1103 Social Influences on Learning 15
SMA1100 Science and Mathematics in our Environment 15
PPA1164 Practicum Experience 1 (Full year 19 days of distributed practice across
Semester 1 and Semester 2 and 2 week block practice in Semester 2)
Semester 2
CHN1102 Ecology of Children and Families 2 15
EDL1201 Learning and Development 2 12 
ICT1100 Learning with Technology 12 
LST1121 Introduction to Language 15
Semester 1
EDL2200 Managing Learning Environments 12 
LAN2101 Language and Literacy 1 15
MUE2105 Teaching and Learning Music 12 
SCE2100 Science Education 15
PPA2364 Professional Practice 1 (two week block) 6 
Semester 2
DSE2100 Drama as a Process for Learning 12 
MPE2100 Mathematics and Numeracy 1 12 
PHE2105 Health and Physical Education (K-7) 15
SSE2105 Society and Environment 15
PPA2434 Professional Practice 2 (two week block) 6 
Semester 1
EDL3300 Assessment and Evaluation of Learning 15
LAN3201 Language and Literacy 2 15
MPE3200 Mathematics and Numeracy 2 15
TEE3100 Technology and Enterprise Education 15
Semester 2
AED3110 Visual Arts in Education 15
EDM3100 Teaching Indigenous and Multicultural Children 15
EDS3100 Teaching Children With Special Needs 15
PPA3534 Professional Practice 3 (four week block) 15
Semester 1
EDC4000 Analysing Planning, Teaching and Assessment Processes 15
EDC4100 Values in Education 15
PPA4634 Assistant Teacher Experience 1 (six week block) 30 
PPA4664 Assistant Teacher Experience 2 (six week block) 30 
Semester 2
EDC4200 Dilemmas of Practice 15
LAN4238 Teaching English as an Additional Language 15
PPA4664 Assistant Teacher Experience 2 (six week block) 30 
PPA4634 Assistant Teacher Experience 1 (six week block) 30 
Students who wish to gain Catholic accreditation may substitute CES4131 for EDC4100, CES1135 for CHN1102, and CED4201 for EDC4200.

1. Practicums
Year One: one day per week for two semesters plus one block practice.
Year Two: two block practices of two weeks.
Year Three: one four week block practice.
Year Four: two six week block practices for five days per week.

2. Normally practicum placements will ensure that students spend half of all of their teaching experience in an early childhood setting and the other half in a primary setting.

3. At the completion of third year, in addition to EDS3100, fourth year units will be customised to focus on special education and so meet accreditation expectations of EDWA in relation to teaching children with special needs.
Disability Standards for Education (Commonwealth 2005)
For the purposes of considering a request for Reasonable Adjustments under the Disability Standards for Education (Commonwealth 2005), inherent requirements for this subject are articulated in the Unit Description, Learning Outcomes, Graduate Attributes and Assessment Requirements of this entry. The University is dedicated to provide support to those with special requirements. Further details on the support for students with disabilities or medical conditions can be found at the Student Equity, Diversity and Disability Service website:

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