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E73 Bachelor of Science (Security and Justice Studies)

The Faculty of Computing, Health and Science offers a general Bachelor of Science with a wide range of discipline concentrations and a number of more specialised Bachelor of Science courses providing specifically identified major studies.


Requirements for each of the specific awards offered in the School of Engineering and Mathematics are detailed below.


The more flexible award is described earlier in the Handbook.


The Bachelor of Science (Security and Justice Studies) brings together Security Science and Justice Studies. This unique course combination addresses the vocational needs of students who wish to seek professional employment in security and justice industries, including public law enforcement and private policing sectors. This course enables students to combine studies in the protection of assets with the studies of the nature, causes, prevention and control of crime.



The course is available by full-time or part-time study on Joondalup campus. It is also available by external study.



Semester 1
JUS1105 Criminology 1 15
JUS1111 Introduction to Law 1 15
SCY1101 Security and Risk Management 15
SCY1103 Physical Security 15
Semester 2
CSI2102 Information Security 15
JUS1103 Conflict Management 15
JUS1106 Human Behaviour in the Justice System 15
SCY1202 Facility Management 1 15
Semester 1
JUS2204 Criminal Law 15
JUS2205 Criminology 2 15
SCY2111 Intrusion Detection Systems 15
SCY2302 Facility Management 2 15
Semester 2
JUS2173 Criminal Behaviour 15
JUS2221 Law of Evidence 1 15
SCY2212 Security Risk 15
SCY2402 Industrial Security Procedures 15
Semester 1
JUS3101 Police, the Law and Society 15
JUS3222 Administrative Law 15
SCY3213 Access Control Systems 15
SCY3215 Security Project 1 15
Semester 2
JUS3131 Commercial and Organised Crime 15
JUS3375 Correctional Studies 15
SCY3207 Security Project 2 15
SCY3302 Management of the Security Function 15
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