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128 Bachelor Of Arts (Arts Management)


The Bachelor of Arts (Arts Management) is designed to provide a program of study for those seeking employment as professional arts managers.  The course provides a solid foundation in the theory and practice of business, administration, and management as they relate to the arts industry.


The central focus of the course is the provision of knowledge and skills required to manage theatre companies, venues, dance companies, exhibitions, community arts centres, galleries, concerts, festivals and other areas of the entertainment and arts industries.


The program is specifically vocational and designed to prepare students for the diverse nature of the arts industry through its emphases on both academic study and experiential practice.  As well as providing essential management knowledge, the course is structured to foster a detailed understanding of the history and development of the arts in contemporary society.  Further, it offers opportunities for students to select electives from the University generally.


By studying within the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, students have opportunities for practical experience in the management of all facets of the arts industry.  During the later stages of the degree, practical experience is required in the wider community.



It is important that prospective students already have an interest and background in the arts and a commitment to extending their knowledge in management and the arts in general.


It is expected that graduates from the course will possess a high level of management expertise, together with leadership abilities, human resources skills and a broad knowledge of the arts industry which will enable them to function as arts managers with intelligence, effectiveness and sensitivity.

Specifically upon completion of the course it is expected that graduates will:

  1. demonstrate a knowledge of administration techniques and theories required for successful management in the performing and visual arts;
  2. demonstrate an understanding of the principles and practices of marketing, as they pertain to the performing and visual arts;
  3. understand the critical role of management in an arts organisation; and
  4. be eminently employable in a diverse range of capacities, within both large and small arts organisations.


Admission interviews are normally held in December. Applicants are assessed against the following criteria:

  • ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • potential to complete the course with excellence
  • professional approach and awareness of the arts
  • previous experience



The course is available by full-time study at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts on Mount Lawley campus.



The three year full-time course consists of twenty one units of study, plus six practicum.



Students select four Elective Study units from a range offered by other Faculties. Students may claim exemptions from Elective Study units on the basis of other tertiary qualifications.



The first two practicum units involve staffing Front of House for Academy productions.  In practicum three and four, students take on the management roles of Front of House and are also encouraged to become involved in community and professional activites.  In practicum five, students gain experience with professional companies.


In the last semester, students undertake their final practicum as an Industry Placement, which is full-time for a period of ten weeks.  This occurs with a professional arts organisation.


This placement is designed to synthesise theory and practice and to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills acquisition over the previous five semesters.  It also provides a transition period that is a practical preparation for the workforce.

Semester 1
ADM1101 Management Principles and Practices 1 15
ADM1110 Finance 1 15
ADM1150 Communication in the Arts 10 
ADM1170 Campus/Industry Practicum 1 5 
PAM1029 Research and Computing Skills 15
Semester 2
ADM1140 Marketing 1 15
ADM1210 Finance 2 15
ADM1250 History of the Arts 10 
ADM1270 Campus/Industry Practicum 2 5 
ECF1110 Economics I 15
Semester 1
ADM2120 Arts Law 1 15
ADM2201 Management Principles and Practices 2 15
ADM2350 The Process of the Performing Arts 10 
ADM2370 Campus/Industry Practicum 3 5 
Semester 2
ADM2240 Marketing 2 15
ADM2450 The Arts in Contemporary Society 10 
ADM2470 Campus/Industry Practicum 4 5 
MAN2145 Human Resource Management II 15
Semester 1
ADM3110 Finance and Funding 10 
ADM3220 Arts Law 2 15
ADM3570 Campus/Industry Practicum 5 5 
Semester 2
ADM3301 Management Principles and Practices 3 30 
ADM3670 Industry Placement 30 
*ADM3315 Arts Production Planning and ADM2101 International Arts Environment will be offered by the Department as an elective if there are sufficient numbers to make the class viable.
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