Unit Set Structure


This unit set structure may be updated and amended immediately prior to semester. To ensure you have the correct outline, please check it again at the beginning of semester.

MABUSI  Business Law Major  

This unit set is available in the following courses:

Course Code 466


The Major in Business Law may only be taken as a second major, students in this major will select 120 credit points to complement their first major. This will involve a system of individual counselling by staff from the School of Law and Justice.


Students will choose 120 credit points from the following including at least 45 credit points from third year level:

This unit set is available on Joondalup Campus.
This unit set is available in the following modes of delivery - On-campus, and Online.
LAW2120 Management Law II 15
LAW2200 Commercial Law II 15
LAW2150 Employment Law II 15
LAW2215 Cyberlaw 15
LAW2221 Trade Practices and Marketing Law II 15
LAW2300 Company Law II 15
LAW2410 Income Tax Framework II 15
LAW3101 Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution III 15
LAW3150 Industrial Law III 15
LAW3201 Law of Banking and Credit III 15
LAW3260 Asian Legal and Political Systems III 15
LAW3401 Insolvency Law III 15
LAW3410 Comparative Company Law III 15
LAW3510 Income Tax Framework III 15
MAN3452 Negotiation, Advocacy and Mediation III 15
NOTE: Students should also refer to the Degree Regulations requirement 3.4, Sequence of Study, which follows the Bachelor of Business Majors in the Handbook.

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