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U81 Bachelor of Science (Sustainable Forestry)

The Bachelor of Science (Sustainable Forestry) is designed to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute to the production forestry industry but who are also able to incorporate sustainability objectives in their work. Graduate will be aware of and show skills in meeting production and conservation objectives simultaneously. The course aims to train forestry professionals who are able to be flexible and adaptive, able to work in different types of forests, ranging from native forests, plantations, agro-forest systems and conservation plantings/revegetation.  The design of the degree takes into account the requirements of the Institute of Foresters of Australia.


The degree has three main components:

1.  A core program of eight units completed in the first year.

2.  A Major program consisting of sixteen units in Sustainable Forestry.



Semester 1
SCC1123 Chemistry for the Life Sciences * 15
SCI1181 Managing the Environment 15
SCI1182 Case Studies in Science 15
SCI1187 Form and Function in Biology 15
Semester 2
SCI1184 Australia's Physical Environment 15
SCI1185 Ecology 15
SCI1183 Origins and Evolution of Life 15
SCB2423 Plant Diversity 15
*Students who have TEE Chemistry may choose to take SCC1111 General Chemistry instead.
Semester 1
SCM2201 Soil and Land Processes 15
SCI2269 Silviculture 15
SCB2322 Genetics and Evolution 15
MAT2214 Applied Statistics 15
Semester 2
SCM2101 Environmental Mapping 15
SCI2369 Timber Harvesting and Utilisation 15
SCI2106 Forestry Economics 15
SCI2107 Tree Pests and Diseases 15
Semester 1
SCM3201 Conservation Biology 15
SCI2202 Revegetation: Principles and Practices 15
SCB3523 Plant Physiology and Adaptation 15
SCI3212 Plantation Management and Agroforestry 15
Semester 2
SCI3213 Tree Growth and Carbon Sequestration 15
SCM3204 Ecosystem Management 15
SCI3301 Catchment Health and Management 15
SCI3120 Natural Sciences Project 15
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